Fabian Herder (PhD)


Fabian Herder is coordinating the FREDIE project. He is fish curator at ZFMK with research interests in evolutionary ecology, fish diversity and taxonomy. His expertise covers an array of approaches, from morphometrics to population genetics and systematics. His other projects mostly focus on SE Asian freshwater fish radiations, especially Sulawesi’s sailfin silversides species flock.

Jörg Freyhof (PhD)


Jörg Freyhof is coordinating the freshwater fish element in FREDIE. He is a scientist on freshwater fish diversity, evolution and ecology at ZFMK and IGB. He has special expertise on European and global freshwater fish diversity, taxonomy, and conservation ecology, and published 132 scientific papers including 81 ISI papers. He is an author of the Handbook of European Freshwater Fishes and the European Regional Vice-Chair of the IUCN-SSC/WI Freshwater Fish Specialist Group.

Matthias Geiger (PhD)


Matthias Geiger is coordinating FREDIE at ZFMK. He is a biologist focused on freshwater fish evolution and diversity and has a broad experience in Central European freshwater fish diversity. Before, he worked on phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships of Nicaraguan Midas cichlids. He is involved in the DNA Bank Network and different DNA Barcoding projects.

Bernhard Misof (Prof.)


Bernhard Misof contributes molecular expertise. He is Director of the Center of Molecular Biodiversity Research (zmb) at the ZFMK. This research unit at the ZFMK is responsible for running the molecular lab and establishing a high-throuhput unit for efficient barcoding within the FREDIE project. Bernhard Misof has published in the fields of bar coding, molecular phylogenetics and molecular evolution.