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FREDIE publications fishes

After a long long time without news I thought it would be worth listing what we have achieved with the support of the FREDIE team: Geiger, M.F., C. Schreiner, G. B. Delmastro, F. Herder. Combining geometric morphometrics with molecular genetics to investigate a putative hybrid complex – a case study with barbels (Teleostei: Cyprinidae: Barbus […]

Field trip Slovenia & Hungary

September 2012. Katharina Kurzrock and Matthias Geiger headed towards the South with the MfN minibus to reach the headwaters of the Soca River in Slovenia to collect mollusk and mayfly samples for the FREDIE project. Afterwards they also visited Hungary and met with Zoltan Feher to discuss about the cooperation.

Field trip France

In August 2012, Katharina Kurzrock, Simon Walter and Sebastian Huellen left the museum to collect some fresh material from France for their labs. Henri Persat kindly provided some help and hints for good spots within the Rhone drainage.