For the purposed of FREDIE, also material from collections is also suitable. Therefore take care to preserve your fishes in a straight position. If a fish has been preserved in a bent position or with an open mouth, remove it from the formalin, rinse it abundantly, bend it straight or close its mouth, then return it to the formalin bath; be careful to avoid inadvertently removing scales or break fins.

  • Choose a carton in the background color of your choice and place it on a table. Usually preserved fish are photographed in front of a blue or black background.
  • Take a clean glass plate and place it in a distance of 5-10 cm above the carton by using some metal  or glass columns or cups.
  • Take the voucher out of the storage container and wash it carefully with flowing, cold water. Avoid that the fish or parts of is dries out as this permanently harms the specimen.
  • Add the reference number to the fish, that it can be unambiguously identified from the picture later on.
  • Put the specimen on the glass plate and arrange it in a way, that it  full body is  placed horizontal and the head is not higher than the caudal fin and the fish is not diagonal.
  • Photograph the fish from above in a way that you get a perfect lateral picture of the individual.
  • Check the picture on the camera to be sure, that the complete fish is on the picture, the picture is not too dark or bright, no reflections are on the picture or at least not on the fish, no shadows are sees on the fish and the fish is sharp.
  • After everything is optimal, place the fish back into its container.
Gobio brevicirris, preserved specimen, photographed in the laboratory.