Matthias Glaubrecht (PhD, PD)


Matthias Glaubrecht is coordinating the freshwater mollusc element in FREDIE. He is curator of Mollusca at MfN with a research interest in evolutionary systematics and zoogeography of freshwater mollusca as well as the history of biology. He has expertise on the biodiversity and evolution of fresh- and brackish water snails, in particular from Africa and the Indopacific. He is the author of six popular and three scientific books, two of them award-winning. He has also published 132 scientific papers including 61 ISI papers. He is Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Zoosystematics and Evolution”.

Thomas von Rintelen (PhD)


Thomas von Rintelen is coordinating the molecular work of the freshwater mollusc element in FREDIE. He is lab coordinator of the DNA laboratory at MfN with a research interest in the evolution and biogeography particularly of freshwater invertebrates. He has expertise on molecular methods as well as the taxonomy of several SE Asian freshwater mollusc taxa.

Katharina Kurzrock (MSc)


Katharina Kurzrock is a PhD student in Matthias Glaubrecht´s research group at the MfN. She is interested in the systematics, biodiversity and evolution of European freshwater molluscs. Before starting her PhD, she worked – next to different other groups (e.g. Tylomelania snailsand microhylid frogs) – for her diploma in biology on the molecular phylogeny of marine gastropods in the family Trochoidae.